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Why is it called low temperature radiation graphene electrothermal film?

Radiation heating is divided into high temperature, medium temperature and low temperature. The surface temperature does not exceed 60 degrees during operation is called low temperature radiation. When the graphene electric heating film is powered on, the heat dissipation is uniform. Under the condition of long-term uninterrupted operation, the maximum surface temperature is 40-50 degrees, and most of the energy is transmitted through radiation. Therefore, it is called low-temperature radiation graphene electric heating film, which is a very safe heating product.

In 2004, two scientists, Andre Geim and Konstantin Novo, from the University of Manchester in the UK, discovered that they were able to produce thinner and thinner sheets of graphite in a very simple way. They stripped the graphite sheet from the highly oriented pyrolytic graphite, and then adhered both sides of the sheet to a special tape. By tearing off the tape, the graphite sheet can be divided into two. They kept doing this, so the sheets became thinner and thinner. Finally, they got a sheet composed of only one layer of carbon atoms, which is graphene.

Graphene, a “black technology” new material, has developed many products. Graphene floor heating, which has been brilliant in the field of HVAC in recent years, is one of them. Graphene floor heating has many superior properties that traditional floor heating cannot compare. Its core technology lies in graphene electric heating film. How much do you know about graphene electric heating film?

Graphene electrothermal film is a kind of composite film that can generate heat after being electrified. The conductive composite film is made of super conductive graphene and polyester. It is made after setting current carrying strip and covering insulating protective layer. When working, the electric heating film is used as the heating body to release heat in the form of radiation. Its comprehensive effect is better than the traditional convection heating method and traditional heating materials.


Post time: May-09-2022