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How to achieve low carbon and environmental protection with graphene electric heating

As we all know, low carbon environmental protection has become a popular way of life. To create a low-carbon living environment is not only for ourselves, but also for the benefit of future generations. Whether low carbon heating can be achieved in winter heating has become a topic of increasing concern. When electric heating has become the pioneer of low carbon heating, what are the low carbon performances of electric floor heating?

(1) Low carbon conversion: the heat conversion efficiency of electric heating is high. Compared with the traditional heating mode, the heat conversion rate of the heating cable used in the electric floor heating is up to 99%, which greatly reduces the energy loss in the conversion and transmission process.

(2) Low carbon energy: the energy required for electric floor heating is clean and renewable. Compared with coal, natural gas, wood and other heating energy, electric energy, as a potential heating energy, is booming with the rise of new energy represented by solar energy, wind energy, hydropower, nuclear energy and so on. The electric energy provided by new energy is clean, renewable and low-carbon energy.

(3) Low carbon life: ergonomic design, comfortable and intelligent. Compared with the point heating system represented by the traditional radiator and radiator, the electric floor heating system, as the representative of the low-temperature floor radiation heating mode, is very suitable for people to warm their heads in the activity space. It makes people feel that the indoor temperature is even, fresh, comfortable and quiet, and there is no dryness and stuffiness caused by traditional heating, and there is no indoor floating dust caused by air flow.

(4) Low carbon emissions: compared with traditional heating methods, electric energy is used as heating energy, without the need to build boiler room, coal storage, ash storage, pipe network and other facilities, saving land.


Post time: Oct-31-2022