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Application of graphene electric floor heating

1. Industry, Agriculture and Animal Husbandry

In the industrial electric heating film body, the heater of the pipeline and the thermal insulation industrial production, the external heater in the processing process, the far infrared low temperature oven, etc. The application of electric heating film in animal husbandry such as: using the heating function of electric heating film and the exposure of far infrared rays to promote the contact of livestock and poultry and the construction of young chicks (the construction of a breeding growth environment, etc.).

2. Melting snow and ice, anti-freezing

Electric heating for snow melting and freezing has been applied in the completed engineering cases, mainly in the construction and prevention of bridges, ramps, entrances and exits of underground parking lots, road film turnouts, etc. Successful application cases include snow melting and snow melting at satellite receiving stations.

3. Physiotherapy and medical care

Using the far-infrared radiation characteristics of the electric heating film, the high temperature heating film care and nursing applications such as: electric heating clothing, heat therapy waist support and other nursing series, rock bath, steam room, film yoga, etc. With the advancement of electrothermal technology and the in-depth application of applied research, the development and applicability of therapeutic electrothermal film will soon enter the stage of industrial production.

4. Building heating

Divided into main heating and auxiliary heating applications. The main heating application means that the heating is completely realized in the form of electric heating film heating and the indoor design temperature requirements are achieved during the heating period. Auxiliary heating refers to the use as a supplementary heat source for the main heating application, mostly in the form of finished products, such as electrothermal paintings, (far-infrared) radiant heating plates, electric carpets, electric heating shoes and other forms. Some use 220V voltage directly, and some use safe voltage, depending on user needs and the type and technology of electric heating film.

5. Other fields

Using the electric heating film as the electric heating element, using the electric-heat conversion characteristics of the electric heating film and the individual characteristics of different types of electric heating films, it can be applied in different fields where electricity is used as energy and heat demand is also used. The development and application of special functional electric heating film and high temperature resistant or high temperature electric heating film technology will enrich and expand the application field of electric heating film, bringing the comfort and enjoyment of high-tech achievements to people’s lives.

Commercial buildings: residential apartments, commercial buildings, villas, mobile homes and temporary housing, office buildings, dormitories, steam rooms.

Public buildings: hotels, municipal offices, resorts, schools, kindergartens, hospitals, churches, temples, airports, stations, conference centers, leisure clubs, fitness centers.

Other fields: clean engineering, ships, greenhouses, brooding boxes, farms, etc.


Post time: Sep-04-2022