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Low temperature infrared heating film radiant electric film

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What is low temperature infrared heating film radiant electric film?

It is a new type heating film of environment protection, energy saving,health and safety. The film radiates heat in the form of 9-14um far infrared waves. It can resonate with water molecules in human tissues, and it has a good health effect on the human body. The principle of action is similar to infrared physiotherapy.

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Product Name Carbon far infrared radiant heating film
Installed power 140W/SQM at AC 120V or AC220V(Other power options: 200W 240W 280W)
Heat conversion ≥99.69%
Material CNT carbon heating film: PET+Carbon
Heating mode Healthy far infrared radiant heating
Main material Recycle PET film + Hydrolyzable nano carbon paste(non-pollution)
Dimension W500mm*L150meters/roll, each 25cm has a cutline
Working voltage AC120V or AC220
Protection Fire-retardant connecting system+ heating film shielding bag
Foor requirement wood floor/ceramic tiles floor/carpet floor/laminate floor/cement floor/etc......
Lifespan ≥ 50 years no power attenuation 
Quality insurance 10 years warranty
10 years warranty Home electric heater element, far infrared therapy element, agricultural planting,etc....
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low temperature infrared heating film radiant electric film3

1. Over 99.69% high heat conversion

2. Zero decay, long lifespan over 50 years

3. ECO-friendly, dust-free and non-pollution

4. Smart switch control

5. High insulation 3750V

6. Far-infrared ray radiant healthy care

7. 10 years warranty

8. Core Technology, patent design, IPX7 waterproof

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low temperature infrared heating film radiant electric film5

1. Ultra-thin, high-quality nano-carbon heater (only 0.338mm thickness)

2. Super Efficient, Heating Objects and People Rather Than Air

3. Installs Easily, ideal installation Under Laminate or cement Floor

4. Completely Silent, No Air Blowing to Stir Up Dust and Cause Drafts

5. No Maintenance Needed for the 50 Year Life of the System

6. No Noise, No Pollution, No Maintenance

Connected with "T" type cable, the whole connection system are resistance to strong acid and alkali, fire retardant, waterproof and dampproof, ideal installed in the concrete mortar layer.

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low temperature infrared heating film radiant electric film7
low temperature infrared heating film radiant electric film6
low temperature infrared heating film radiant electric film9

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Application of electric heating film

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1. Can I install the system myself or do I need an expert?
Our heating film come with a full set of installation instructions, providing a simple step by step instructions. Most systems can be installed on a DIY basis. But the final electrical connection should be made by a qualified electrician.

2. How long will it take to warm up?
This will vary depending on the subfloor and the insulation material. Better the insulation the quicker it will heat up. Heating up time depend on heating film power. 220W/m heat up 12mm engineering wood in 5 minutes, concreted floors heat up around 15 minutes but also retain heat for a longer time.

3. Will my floor get too hot?
The thermostats come supplied with a floor probe that will continuously monitor your floor temperature. We always recommend installing a floor probe in your floor especially if you use 200W or 180W heating film power this is a key to control your floor temperature.

4. Do I need to install insulation?
When using heating foil under laminate, engineered wood or ceramic tiles our foam thermal insulation should always be used. It not only provides thermal insulation, reducing running costs but acts as a method of sound deadening and forms a suitable non-abrasive surface on which heating film can sit.

5. How do I decide which heating film power I should choose?
Higher house energy rating = lower heating film power required. For new build, passive houses use 80W/m or 60W/m this becoming a very popular solution in Germany, Poland, Norway, Netherlands.

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