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Graphene floor heating film electric underfloor heating system

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What is heating film?

The infrared heating film is a product of the highest class which will be useful in almost every case. It is ideal as a surface heating, especially the underfloor, ceiling or wall heating. We can assume that the precision of manufacturing with a functionality makes it irreplaceable in its branch.

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Product specification

Floor heating valve Thermostat
Material PTC+PET+Graphene Carbon Paste
Rated power 220W/SQM or customized
Installed power 60W-400W/SQM
IP rate IPX7 waterproof and protective
Certifications CE RoHS ISO
Application Indoor Hotel Offices Villa and so on.

PTC Graphene Carbon Electric Far infrared heating film
1. Far infrared convection heating system
2. Double Protection—Waterproof&EMI SUPPRESSION
3. Above 99% heat conversion
4. Far-infrared health care

Graphene floor heating film electric underfloor heating system02

1. Clean the ground
2. Lay the extruded board
3. Lay the insulating film
4. Lay heating film
5. The heating film is connected to the wire
6. Lay floor or floor leather

Graphene floor heating film electric underfloor heating system3

Why choose PTC Heating Film
● Self regulating heating, no over heating risk.
● New energy graphene heating film. More energy saving than ordinary heating film, traditional water heating system.
● Economic heating with partial heating
● unnecessary heating areas can be turned off.
● Easy to install and maintain. Clean, noiseless, maintenance-free operation and space-saving.
● Creates a healthy and confortable environment, no electromagnetic radiation, the length of the far infrared wave is 9.5um, it's good for human healthy.
● The heating film is suitable to use under various of floors: Composite Floor, Laminate Floor, Wooden Floor, Marble, Tiles, Carpet, PVC Flooring and so on.

Laying case

Construction Cases4
PTC floor heating film9
PTC under floor electric heating film02
Construction Cases5
Construction Cases3

About us

Yantai Zhongheng New material Co., LTD was established in 2010. The company is located in Longkou City, Shandong Province, which is located in the north of China. Production and sales, construction and installation of large-scale electric floor heating projects, research and development and manufacturing of electric heating film production equipment, is an innovative enterprise with a number of high-end technologies such as PTC nano-semiconductor technology, negative ion technology, and graphene heating technology.



1. Will my floor get too hot?
The thermostats come supplied with a floor probe that will continuously monitor your floor temperature. We always recommend installing a floor probe in your floor especially if you use 200W or 180W heating film power this is a key to control your floor temperature.

2. How do I decide which heating film power I should choose?
Higher house energy rating = lower heating film power required. For new build, passive houses use 80W/m or 60W/m this becoming a very popular solution in Germany, Poland, Norway, Netherlands.

3. Can underfloor heating be used in a bathroom or a wet room?
Yes, Note you can’t place ceramic tiles directly on the heating film, the concrete screed is necessary, minimum 30mm. If you can’t build up floor this high use heating wire this is a simple solution and allow you to lay down ceramic tiles directly on the subfloor, wire diameter is only 3.6mm

4. Do I need to install insulation?
When using heating foil under laminate, engineered wood or ceramic tiles our foam thermal insulation should always be used. It not only provides thermal insulation, reducing running costs but acts as a method of sound deadening and forms a suitable non-abrasive surface on which heating film can sit.
This is also perfect underlay no other underlay or insulation is required.
Do not use any insulation material with electric cable mats.

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